The research and development priorities of 3D Global Biotech Inc. are consistent with the government's, focusing on “ medical services.“ 3D Global Biotech Inc. upholds  the spirits of honesty, responsibility and service, and is in line with the government’s policy to develop the cutting-edge medical devices as our main objective. Our three main research focuses of medical devices are medical materials for reconstruction of human tissues and organs (regeneration of soft and hard tissues), evaluation models of human tissues and organs (digital image reverse engineering) and bio-ink (cell printing). 3D Global Biotech Inc. combines these three technologies to develop into an integrated healthcare system to become Taiwan's first high-end medical material company, which prints cells with 3D printing technology and conducts clinical trials of tissue and organ reconstruction.

  Provide personalized, customer-focused service
  Lead in the markets
  Have a strong IP position and understand value
  Establish commercial research goals
  Work for the inventors
  Deliver the value
  Focus on Academia-Industry collaboration
  Devote ourselves to conducting international projects