Our main patents

The professional R&D team of 3D Global Biotech company is constantly innovating and develop a number of patents. Welcome to click the patent name to link the patent document.
Item No. Patent Name Patent No.
01 Sustained drug-releasing artificial dental crown TWI578968B, CN106388964B, CN205268321U
02 A method for producing the α-calcium sulfate hemihydrate bone graft TWI590842B, CN107596439A, US10159763B2
03 A method for three dimensional printing artificial skin TWI608928B, CN107952117A, US20180105781A1
04 Fixing apparatus TWI579377B, TWM516047U, CN106434273B
05 Autologous cell multidimensional molding apparatus TWI615134B, CN107815413A, US20180072973A1
06 Ancillary additive manufacturing system TWM492492U, CN105213038A, US10022910B2, FR3022136A1
07 Inkjet print head TWM559245U