Since 2014, 3D Global Biotech Inc. has signed Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with multiple renowned international academic organization and universities, our 3D reverse-reconstruction techniques and nano-biomaterials expertise combined with the research momentum of abroad University, and has been conducting several international interdisciplinary academic collaboration projects. With intensive and active mutual contacts and exchanges enhancing the energy of R&D and to achieve win-win result. The main cooperation projects include joint development of biological stent, 3D artificial implants, bone cell regeneration, biomaterial of 3D printing implant, the medical device development of craniofacial jaw reconstruction…etc. 3D Global Biotech Inc. is currently working with abroad University to develop biological scaffolds, with a focus on developing biological bone powder for the regeneration of soft and hard tissues. We establish animal models for the acceleration of tissue repairing, as a forerunner to the development of a scaffold to cartilage and bone regeneration. We expect to provide customized fillings for clinical treatments and bring the benefits to patients worldwide.