3D Global Biotech Inc. is creating a new field in the world of biotechnology by developing a 3D human organ bio-printing technology platform and composite bio-ink, printing a variety of cells to reconstruct tissues and organs. 3D Global Biotech Inc. follows the government policy and collaborates with the leading domestic and international medical centers, renowned research institutions, and international companies and distributors to establish an interdisciplinary alliance encompassing "industry, government, academia, research, and medicine.“ Our goal is to advance 3D Global Biotech Inc. to a world-leading position in professional 3D bio-printing.

The environment for 3D bio-printing industry is still under construction, relevant standards and regulations on company listing and registration are also being established. We hope relevant domestic legislation can established soon and promote 3D bio-printing to become one of Taiwan's top cutting-edge industries in the international arena.

3D Biotech is committed to applying biomedical technology to generate medical products and to developing a global healthcare platform and medical technology services.
 We endlessly create, innovate, and manufacture superior products and services to meet the needs of the
   medical industry.
 We achieve a leading position in the biotechnology and medical product industry.
 We provide the best, safest and most pleasant working environment and career planning for employees.
 We keep a commitment to our clients and shareholders by maximizing their profits and values.
 We aim to serve the society, give back to the community and support the charity work.